Dance PPA/Curriculum Support/Professional Development/Progress 9/Enrichment/Dance Leaders Level 1 &2 and much more……

Dance is an effective engagement tool for hard to reach students

Only 38% of girls achieve the recommended hour of physical activity each day compared with 63% of boys

25% of girls do less than 20 minutes a week compared to 19% of boys.

As a leading provider of Physical Education and School Sports our Mission is to influence lifelong positive action through Physical Education, active lifestyles and the personal growth of Teachers, Students and their families.

Dance tackles physical inactivity, gender reducing inequality and Mental Health and Wellbeing.

<<<Our Secondary Dance Offer>>>

Dance schemes of work, lesson, plans, assessment support, teacher training, BTEC Certificate & Diploma, Uk Dance Leaders in PE lessons, Curriculum and Enrichment delivered in a range of themes, topics, styles and sports ie: Cheerleading bespoke for your school.

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