Recruit a PE and School Sport Apprentice

PE cupboard a mess? No time to set up PE lessons? Want to offer more extra-curricular provision to your children but no money in the budget?

Employing a PE and School Sport Apprentice can help with all those things and more. Classroom TA in the morning, break support, playground leaders supervisor at lunch and PE TA in the afternoon. Your PE and School Sport Apprentice will take pressure off teachers and PE subject leads, support extra-curricular and inter school fixtures and much more.

We will train them one day per week and they will develop a wide range of skills through our CPD courses and by working in your school sport network delivering school games and complete an NVQ.

YOU recruit and appoint, the final decision is yours and only yours, your recruitment process for this post will be the same as for any other post.

Become a PE and School Sport Apprentice

If you are 16+ and unsure what to do after you leave school but have a keen interest in sport then this PE apprenticeship scheme could be for you. You will be given the opportunity to earn money whilst developing new skills and gaining a nationally recognised qualification. what’s more, the qualification is recognised by universities as well which gives you a whole host of possible career pathways once the apprenticeship is completed. Please read the attached flyer and information leaflet for all the details about the scheme and if you have any further questions please contact us on the emails or phone numbers provided.

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Apprenticeship Flyer

PE Apprenticeship Candidate Information

SP flyer