Dear Jono and Martin

First of all, on behalf of all of the staff and children at Denaby Main Primary, may I say a big thank-you to you and your team for the exciting Sports Day you organised for us afew weeks ago.

Thank you for your politeness and courtesy that you showed our children. From the youngest to the oldest children, they had a marvellous time. Working with mixed age ranges, is always tricky and requires particular skill-which your staff clearly demonstrated. Remaining positive throughout the day is also challenging but, again, we appreciated the commitment of your team to making our children feel valued. It was a thoughtful gesture of yours to spend some time with our Gamesmakers at lunchtime.

It was also noted with much appreciation, how yourself, Jono, and other members of your team, spent invaluable time talking with our families when they came to observe their own children. Thank-you.

Thank you too, for your willingness to be flexible in terms of the plans we made to also celebrate the Queen’s birthday in our own inimitable way.

Jono, your skills, especially, were clearly evident in terms of your firm but fair leadership of your team, your gentle manner, your effective communication and your courtesy towards staff.

We wish you a very happy Summer and continued success in all that you and  your team set your hearts upon to achieve.

Secondly, our thanks to the Active Fusion team for the remarkable day at the EIS last Thursday. This was our first time at the Festival of Sport and we were thrilled to be participating. It was offered as a prize for 100% Attendance Half Term winners and we shall certainly be running the same competition next year.

For many  of our children, opportunities to take part in sport outside of school, and in such an impressive setting, are ever so limited. Hence our excitement from start to finish. Thank you to your team for each invaluable contribution that all joined together to create a stunning, fun and energetic day. We are so fortunate to benefit from your skill, commitment and hard work.

With regards

Lynn Mathers, Assistant Head Teacher