About Our Camps

Many different factors can influence the amount of physical activity children are able to get involved with during school holidays.

Perhaps there are no sports clubs in your area or the clubs on offer are too expensive.

We run sports camps during every school holiday apart from Christmas to make sport as accessible as possible to children and young people when they’re not taking part in physical education lessons.

Our camps are open to young people aged four to 14 and run by Active Fusion qualified coaches. They are an opportunity to make new friends and build confidence by trying out unfamiliar activities. Our multi-sport camps cost £10 per day per child, with activities such as football, dodgeball, cricket, dance, taekwondo and more running from the 9am to 3pm.

We also run camps funded by the Essential Life Skills project at £5 per day. Here, children will take part in sporting activities specifically designed to develop their confidence, resilience and communication.

Children are welcome to attend as many days of the holiday camps as they like, however, parents will be asked to fill in a consent and information form on the first day of bringing their child to camp.

Children need to come appropriately dressed for physical activity and should bring their own packed lunch.

Our next holiday camps are taking place during the Easter holidays, from Monday, 15th April to Thursday, 18th April at Woodlands Primary School, Travis St Lawrence CE Primary School and Edenthorpe Hall Academy. 

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Active Fusion Holiday Camps

Making friends and having fun; here’s a glimpse of what your children will get up to on an Active Fusion holiday camp.