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Physical Activity is proven to improve the attainment, mental health and overall wellbeing of children and young people.

And yet, figures show that many children are not achieving the recommended amount of daily activity, with many schools reducing the amount of time they spend teaching Physical Education.

In response to this, last year Active Fusion dedicated 3,674 hours of support to the delivery of Physical Education in schools.

If you would like to drive forward Physical Education in your school, work with us to establish how you would like one of our qualified coaches to support you in the teaching of physical activity. We can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your provision and develop a bespoke gold or silver package according to your needs. When we develop these packages, we are to happy deliver Physical Education in a way that targets specific types of physical activity or we can work alongside you to develop a brand new curriculum map.

Physical Education isn’t just about the capability of the child. We are committed to delivering physical activity in a way that develops the whole child, specifically their cognitive, social and emotional skills. We also run physical activity programmes designed to grow the essential life skills of young people, in particular their confidence, resilience and communication.

To find out more about the support we offer early years children and nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools and how to develop your young people even further through apprenticeships and leadership programmes, please refer to the menu above.

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