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Research shows that children are much more likely to make healthy choices as adults if they have a positive experience of physical activity at a young age.

This is why we’ve developed the Active Start programme, designed for children aged two to seven.


Our approach to developing a positive view of physical activity in young children doesn’t just focus on their physical ability. As well as developing  agility, balance and coordination skills, our lessons nurture the cognitive, social and personal growth of the child. This is done through carefully chosen and planned physical activity sessions which specifically target these key areas.

In developing these areas and to keep the children engaged, the physical activity they take part in changes on a week by week basis. Children taking part in our Active Start programme have experienced balance bike sessions, special awareness games, balancing games, ball skill games and more.

We launched Active Start at Loversall Farm Day Nursery. Here’s what one child’s mum had to say: “She loves the sessions and always comes home enthusing about them. There is lots of varied active play, learning of new skills and the development of all important listening abilities. I would absolutely recommend Active Start.”

We welcome parents who would like to join in with the sessions.

For more information about Active Start and advice about how to get involved, please get in touch via our contact form.

For more information about Active Start or to get your child involved, please fill in our contact form

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