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Offer young people the chance to gain new skills. Upskill your current faculty.

Investing in an enthusiastic School Sports Apprentice will provide you with more opportunities to drive forward physical activity in your school and will give you greater capacity to hold sports events and lessons.

We offer two types of apprenticeship opportunities – the Level 2 Sports Activator Apprenticeship and the Level 3 Community Sports Health Officer.

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Level 2 Sports Activator Apprenticeship (Young Person)

Level 2 Sports Activator qualification standard? (click here)

Duration of apprenticeship – 13 months (August to September).

Deadline – 11th September 2020

Recruit a Sports Activator apprentice to work in your school four days a week, with one day a week spent completing the Level 2 qualification with the Active Fusion apprentice tutors.

Roles and responsibilities of an apprentice (click here)

COVID-19 – A key worker to support you with social distancing, assist with sanitising equipment, support smaller groups, create social distancing physical activities.

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Contact the team here to enquire about our Level 2 apprenticeship offer.

Level 3 Community Sports Health Officer (Staff Member / Graduate)

Level 3 Community Sports Health Officer qualification standard (click here)

Duration of apprenticeship – 16 months (September – January)

Deadline – 11th September 2020

Train a Community Sports Health Officer within your school, working five days a week. Candidates can be graduates who aspire to teach or support staff. Off-the-job training provided by Active Fusion remotely at a convenient time for you.

Roles and responsibilities of a staff member/graduate (click here)

Commitment (click here)

Contact the team here to enquire about our Level 3 apprenticeship offer.

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