Recruit An Apprentice

Active Fusion recruits apprentices and guides them while they work at designated primary or secondary schools. This increases the capacity of schools to deliver Physical Education to children and at the same time provides the apprentice with vital skills and experience. Schools are invited to take part in the recruitment process, to ensure they get the right apprentice for their school.

Working around their lessons, the student will work in your school as a School Sports Apprentice for four days a week. For one day a week they will complete theoretical work with an Active Fusion tutor.

The programme is designed to improve the leadership, communication and employability skills of students and they will achieve a Level 3 Diploma in Supporting the Delivery of Physical Education upon successful completion of the programme.

Investing in an enthusiastic School Sports Apprentice will provide you with more opportunities to drive forward physical activity in your school and will give you greater capacity to hold sports events and lessons.

James Scally has been a School Sports Apprentice for more than two years. He has always loved sport and knew that he wanted a career in coaching, but came across numerous challenges on his journey. James is autistic and has unfortunately been told in the past that he was aiming too high.

It is a testament to James’ determination that he has since been deemed Active Fusion’s apprentice of the year due to his incredible coaching with children and young people and now runs his own disability football group.

James said: “The biggest change I’ve seen through the apprenticeship is my confidence. The apprenticeship programme gave me the opportunity to go out and do what I wanted to do.”

Read further about how much being an apprentice benefitted James here: Read James’ full story here.

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The benefits of recruiting an Active Fusion apprentice