Recruit An Apprentice

Active Fusion recruits apprentices and guides them while they work at designated primary or secondary schools. This increases the capacity of schools to deliver Physical Education to children and at the same time provides the apprentice with vital skills and experience. Schools are invited to take part in the recruitment process, to ensure they get the right apprentice for their school.

Working around their lessons, the student will work in your school as a School Sports Apprentice for four days a week. For one day a week they will complete theoretical work with an Active Fusion tutor.

The programme is designed to improve the leadership, communication and employability skills of students and they will achieve a Level 3 Diploma in Supporting the Delivery of Physical Education upon successful completion of the programme.

Investing in an enthusiastic School Sports Apprentice will provide you with more opportunities to drive forward physical activity in your school and will give you greater capacity to hold sports events and lessons.

Travis St Lawrence Primary School are currently in their second year of employing an PE Sports Apprentice, having experienced “renewed energy” in PE lessons during the first year with former apprentice, Jasmine.

This year, Travis has seen former university student Cameron join the faculty as an apprentice, with ongoing success.

Emma Oxby, teacher at Travis St Lawrence, said: “We are having a very positive experience with our PE Sports Apprentice, Cameron, who provides us with greater capacity to hold sports events as well as supporting PE teaching.

“He quickly settled in and is an invaluable member of our team. We feel Cameron has helped to introduce new sports into our school and in doing so he has developed in confidence.

“The children look forward to their sessions with Cameron and the staff all speak very highly of him too. I would recommend Active Fusion sports apprentices to everyone.”

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The benefits of recruiting an Active Fusion apprentice